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Neck-friendly solution for your horse
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The NeXaver® Grazing Halter is ideal when using a paddock while on the field. In case the horse gets stuck, the safety velcro fasteners can quickly be pulled open and release the horse. This helps to rapidly alleviate panic situations as well as significantly reduce the risk of injury and psychological stress for the horse. With only a couple fittings, the retainer is particularly light and also perfectly designed to protect the horse from flies.
Safety velcro fasteners on the right and left side of the neck, throat and chin straps. The velcro fasteners open on tension.

Halter: Nylon
Padded noseband and neck strap: Cotton-Fleece
Various sizes
Color: black
Weight: approx. 50 kg (110 lbs.)

Please notice: Only suitable for paddock and pasture, not for leading or tying the horse down! Handling halters are available here.

The NeXaver® halter consists of two neck straps, that provide relief on the horse's occipital bone and sensitive neck area.

By distributing pressure on the increasingly massive vertebrae with an effect also forward, instead of just downwards, the vertebrae, muscle attachments, nerve tracts and bursa sacs located in the neck area are spared. This significantly minimizes the risk of blockages and inflammation in the neck area. Accordingly, a positive effect is achieved on all related muscle groups on the neck, back, chest and down to the shoulder.

Due to the additional halter strap, the horse automatically receives an alternating impulse with every step instead of continuous pressure in the neck area. This results in a significantly higher level of comfort even for healthy horses, resulting in increased well-being.

The NeXaver® is particularly suitable to prevent and minimize the risk of future neck problems for horses:

  • that are being transported
  • that pull up their heads when tied down and easily get caught in the halter
  • that have a tendency to be stubborn and refuse to cooperate
  • for foals that are still learning ABC behavior and are still particularly vulnerable in the neck area.

Utility model DE 20 2017 107 013 protected and patent pending.