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Neck-friendly solution for your horse
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The NeXaver snaffle bridle provides a significant relief of strain on the back of the horse’s neck with its additional neck strap.
Since the cheek-pieces of the noseband and bit straps are connected to the neck straps by a ring, there is no direct pressure transmission being applied to the neck when chewing and swallowing movements occur. The almost vertical course of the neck strap that goes behind the ears also creates an exemption of the jaw joint. The facial nerve and the artery netting are bypassed.

The NeXaver snaffle bridles promote

  • more permeability
  • more composure due to less pressure
  • healthy chewing
  • more lightness and comfort

High quality vegetal-tanned cow leather with stainless steel fittings
Various sizes
Colors: black, black-white, brown-brown
Weight: approx. 750 grams (1.65 lbs.)


NeXaver® snaffle bridles and lunging bridles consist of two neck straps, that provide relief on the horse's occipital bone and sensitive neck area.

By distributing pressure on the increasingly massive vertebrae with an effect also forward, instead of just downwards, the vertebrae, muscle attachments, nerve tracts and bursa sacs located in the neck area are spared. This principle significantly minimizes the risk of blockages and inflammation in the neck area. Accordingly, a positive effect is achieved on all related muscle groups on the neck, back, chest and down to the hind leg.

Due to the additional neck strap, the horse automatically receives an alternating impulse with each step instead of continuous pressure in the neck area. As a result, there is significantly a higher wearing comfort even for healthy horses, which consequently increases their well-being.