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NeXaver® Lunging Bridle - This bridle designed for lunging and further ground work is the NeXaver® version of the classic cavesson. It is used as an independent bridle without a snaffle.

With the two neck straps and the stabilizing position of the jaw pieces, the NeXaver® Principle becomes implemented and applied to the lunging area.

The NeXaver® Lunging Bridle is convincing through

  • Stability and good fit
  • Easy transmission of soft impulses
  • Reduction of the influence of centrifugal effects on the neck by additional guidance
  • No slipping of the outer side straps towards the horse's eye
  • The neck strap is made of soft Nappa leather with elastic cellular rubber for less pressure even when the horse is chewing on the bit
  • Opening in the neck apex to relieve the strap attachment
  • Omitting of a nose iron piece to reduce the risk of pressure
  • Additional padding in the middle area of the noseband to prevent pressure at the lateral nerve ports
  • Chin strap with extra thick padding for comfortable chewing
  • Symmetrical, balanced fitting through jaw, cheek and chin straps, which are connected via a bridge and can be buckled on both sides
  • High-quality, vegetable-tanned cowhide with stainless steel or brass fittings
  • Only 650 g (1.43 lbs.) weight

Supply with spacers between the neck straps.

NeXaver® Leather Lunging Bridle

Lunging improves movement and balance of a horse working on the ground.
Using only one bridle for lunging can lead to negative and counterproductive effects. For example: pulling the bit ring into the horse's mouth, squeezing it into the horse's mouth, stretching the mouth angles and tilting the horse’s head. A common bridle is not primarily designed for one-sided ground work.

Advantages of lunging with a bridle and cavesson
In contrast, a well-fitting lunging or cavesson bridle transmits an impulse precisely and without a bit to the horse's nasal bridge. To ensure good positioning and reliable fixation, a cavesson usually consists of several and wider straps than a snaffle bridle. To attach the lunge in grope, a ring is provided in the middle of the noseband, with additional rings on both sides. Because a horse's head is very bony with only little protective musculature, pervaded by numerous nerves, it is very sensitive to pain. When using a cavesson, it is important to ensure a secure fitting with good pressure distribution and soft padding under the neck-, noseband and chinstrap.

NeXaver® snaffle bridles and lunging bridles consist of two neck straps, that provide relief on the horse's occipital bone and sensitive neck area.

By distributing pressure on the increasingly massive vertebrae with an effect also forward, instead of just downwards, the vertebrae, muscle attachments, nerve tracts and bursa sacs located in the neck area are spared. This principle significantly minimizes the risk of blockages and inflammation in the neck area. Accordingly, a positive effect is achieved on all related muscle groups on the neck, back, chest and down to the hind leg.

Due to the additional neck strap, the horse automatically receives an alternating impulse with each step instead of continuous pressure in the neck area. As a result, there is significantly a higher wearing comfort even for healthy horses, which consequently increases their well-being.