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Neck-friendly solution for your horse
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NeXaver® Smart
Leather snaffle bridle with Quittpad® material inside

Neck-friendly NeXaver® bridle with thoughtful padding in the style of a classic snaffle.

The wide headpiece is padded on the inside with Quittpad® 3D-core for plenty of pressure relief on the neck and jaw joint. Its anatomical shape and curved browband attachment give plenty of room for the ears.

The inside of the noseband is also additionally padded with Quittpad® for pressure-free infraorbital nerves.

The chinstrap has a generous nest-like padding filled with Quittpad®, in which the lower jaw branches lie optimally and comfortably. The noseband has no rigid connection between cheek pieces and noseband for even more pressure relief in the neck when chewing.

  •     anatomically shaped padded neckband with Quittpad® inside
  •     padded noseband with Quittpad® inside
  •     Chin pad with comfortable depression
  •     Caveson is without rigid connection between cheek pieces and noseband
  •     Caveson and chinstrap can be buckled symmetrically
  •     Buffalo leather, black, with stainless steel buckles
  •     Weight 750 g for size WB

With their special neck strap, NeXaver® Smart Snaffle provide relief for the horse's sensitive neck area and the jaw joint. Various well thought-out pads protect sensitive parts of the horse's head and reduce or avoid pressure peaks. This results in a significantly higher level of wearing comfort even for healthy horses, which leads to an increased well-being of the horse.