Lunging improves movement and balance of a horse working on the ground.
Using only one bridle for lunging can lead to negative and counterproductive effects. For example: pulling the bit ring into the horse's mouth, squeezing it into the horse's mouth, stretching the mouth angles and tilting the horse’s head. A common bridle is not primarily designed for one-sided ground work.

Advantages of lunging with a bridle and cavesson
In contrast, a well-fitting lunging or cavesson bridle transmits an impulse precisely and without a bit to the horse's nasal bridge. To ensure good positioning and reliable fixation, a cavesson usually consists of several and wider straps than a snaffle bridle. To attach the lunge in grope, a ring is provided in the middle of the noseband, with additional rings on both sides. Because a horse's head is very bony with only little protective musculature, pervaded by numerous nerves, it is very sensitive to pain. When using a cavesson, it is important to ensure a secure fitting with good pressure distribution and soft padding under the neck-, noseband and chinstrap.