The Active Principle of NeXaver®

Managing Director Michaela Wolf, herself is an active dressage rider. She originally developed the NeXaver® halter in 2017 for horses with existing neck problems.

One day a veterinarian approached the managing director of the Solinger Feintäschnerei Klaus Ueberholz, a manufacture in Solingen/Germany for high-quality leather goods made in traditional handcraft, and asked her if she could use their leather goods to develop a halter for a horse suffering from a severe neck bump.This horse was unable to wear a conventional halter. But the new NeXaver® halter relieved the pain in the affected neck area beautifully and made it possible for the horse to move now relaxed and get tied down.

During the test phase with Michaela Wolf's own horses, it became evident that healthy animals also accept the neck-protecting active principle very well and cooperate with satisfaction. Even a friend's horse, which often panicked in its halter when tied up, remained calm with the NeXaver®.

As true as the old folk saying goes: "Prevention is better than cure", we have, therefore, continued to jointly work with riders, trainers, therapists and doctors and we also developed the NeXaver® lunging bridle and the NeXaver® snaffle bridle.

NeXaver® is a brand of the Solingen-based manufacture Klaus Ueberholz GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1964. Our family business places very high value on quality, functionality, environmental compatibility and sustainability. In Solingen, we manufacture high-quality leather goods in traditional handcraft, such as manicure sets and other small leather goods.

Twenty skilled workers ensure controlled German quality with attention to detail and craftsmanship. This is also reflected in the development and production of our NeXaver® products. Team NeXaver consists of saddlers, leather processing specialists, a functional osteopathic trainer (FBT according to Barbara Welter-Böller) as well as experienced horse riders with many years of experience in handling horses.

The flexible production of high quality leather and alternative materials
For our products we use high quality, vegetal-tanned leather as well as alternative vegan materials, such as nylon, woven fur, cotton and Cordura. We are very flexible and respond to customer requirements, make changes and dimensional adaptations at short notice.