Quittpad® is a 3D textile that was specially developed for the high demands in equestrian sports. It consists of an upper and an underside, which are connected by interwoven polyester threads to form a stable and at the same time pressure-elastic fabric. The threads absorb the loads acting on them in a shock-absorbing and pressure-distributing manner.

On the underside of the girths, the soft sensitive cover absorbs up to 900% of its own weight in moisture and wicks sweat away into the inside of the fabric. The open structure of the Quittpad® 3D textile enables air to circulate and regulate the climate to avoid heat build-up under the fabric.

Quittpad® 3D textile is also used to make saddle pads that are highly pressure-relieving and air-conditioned and are sold under the brand name Quittpad®.


Quittpad® saddle girths are easy to clean: simply brush them off, spray them off with a hose, high-pressure or steam cleaner. Or wash at 60 ºC in the washing machine and spin at low speed. Only ventilate in the tumble dryer or allow to dry in a well-ventilated place.


Quittpad® saddle girths are manufactured in Germany according to high quality standards. The materials have the Oeko-Tex standard and have been tested for durability, microclimatic and biomechanical properties.