NeXaver® halters and bridles are always easy on the neck. In daily handling of the horse, these halter significantly relieve the sensitive neck area of the horse. The distribution of the pressure on a soft, wide neck strap protects the individual vertebrae, muscle attachments, nerve tracts and bursa and thus minimizes the risk of blockages and inflammation in the neck area. At the same time, there is a positive effect for all connected muscle groups on the neck, shoulder, back and up to the hind leg.

NeXaver® Handling Halter with a soft neck strap made of Quittpad® 3D-textile are not only particularly cozy behind the horse's ears.

The different versions also offer different functions for particularly sensitive horses:

NeXaver Cozy for horses with sensitive ears and neck areas

NeXaver Care for horses prone to headshaking

NeXaver acute for horses, whose neck cannot tolerate a halter strap due to acute problems